If you can’t go to Africa, bring Africa to you J every year in summer here in Austria they create a week of Africa festival. It is called the “Afrikatage”. I learned the secret from my friend that going the last day or a day before is better since the things are way cheaper then and or you can bargain more for better prices. Yesterday we decided to head to the festival and check it out. It ended up being hotter than I had imagined it would be. The top was a DIY by simply wrapping the Leso (African scarf) around. I then paired it with my high waist jeans and to compete the outfit, I went for my wedges. It was really fun though. I had a feeling of being home away from home. The food, the drumming and the atmosphere all added up to a real African community…

Here are a few photos from the Festival…Enjoy….

………Peace and Love………


Couldn’t leave without getting some goodies… my “assistant” helped me with the selection 😉


Search and you will find 🙂 settled for these two….


Simple wash and go on my natural hair.. Shrinkage is real 🙂


FullSizeRender 2

Less wrapped into a Top


FullSizeRender 3



A frappe to quench the thirst

Top: Leso (Gift from mama)

Jeans: New yorker

Wedges: Humanic

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