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Hallo readers,

Hi everyone, a warm welcome to my blog. My name is Celestine Nasaka: a daughter, a sister, a mom and a friend. I enjoy cooking (my friends and family swear that I am a very good cook) I am a naturalist especially when it comes to my Afro hair and skin products. Most often than not, I make my own hair and skin products. I will be sharing some of them with you along the way. I am a big DIY (Do It Yourself) lover, I like to try out and construct a few things in my free time. It can be something as simple as decorating a picture frame to something a bit more complex like designing and sewing an outfit for a Party/Function.

Outfit, bag and shoes designed by me.

Outfit, bag and shoes designed by me.

Dancing is something else I really like to do, at times I teach the Kenyan folk dance from the Abaluhya community called Isikuti and the chakacha dance from the coastal part of Kenya and some parts in Tanzania.

IMG_5335 (1)

Casual outfit selection at the Wienerin

I have always been passionate when it comes to fashion. My friends have always told me to do something about it. For instance: venture into modelling, start my own fashion line or a Blog. I was not so sure if I could really do any of the above, I would come up with something to justify why it would be impossible, until the “WIENERIN” finals. In the competition we tasked in selecting our own casual and dinner outfits. Competing with such Beautiful and creative ladies was not easy. I was however positively surprised by the yells and claps I received when I hit the runway. After the show I got many positive remarks regarding my outfit and my style in general.


Finally, here I am! Second runners up in the “WIENERIN (the number 1 of Austrian monthly women’s magazine) cover model 2016 Finals” that was founded in 1985. Isn’t it amazing! It does not matter how long and what it took for me to finally figure out that I can do this. Anyway, I am planning to trot with you all the way. I am who I am because of you (my fans) guys.


Sometimes in life you really need to have people around you who believe in your abilities a little more than you do. A special thanks to Patricia and Joyce I can now do what I really love, they helped me to overcome my fears, trust my niche to completely believe in myself and get started.

I hope you had a nice read. See you around. xoxo Celrielle

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  1. Hi Celestine, I like calling you Nasaka.
    Wow, humble beginnings and see at you now, going big, taking the world by a storm. I am truly happy and happy for you. Here in Kenya, I wish you all the very and only the best in your en-devours, keep the fire burning and change lives for better. Follow me at @mwarango I will be more than happy to share, re-post ua blog and market ua blog here in Kenya.

    Go gal, get them… See you in Oscars.

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