She’s Back

img_0227Hi guys, it’s been Ages…

Before I even ask how you all have been, I would like to apologise for being away for so long.There was so much going on, from travelling and exploring some places I have never been to before including Russia the worlds largest country, rearranging and reorganising the apartment and many other things. I had some posts already prepared for you guys but I never managed to post them as I also had problems with the laptop and after getting a new one, for some reasons I couldn’t log into my Blog. Anyway so is life right? Sometimes everything is perfect and some times we encounter challenges. What is important is not to give up but to keep going.

There is so much to share with you, especially from my travel experience and some other interesting places here in Vienna (One being actually where am writing this post from) It feels so good to be back after such a long time and its even more fun making this post by a fire place and as I enjoy the Beautiful view of Vienna 🙂

Oh for the beautiful ladies from the Vienna Fashion week 2016, I will still repost your photos. Your outfits were really stunning.


I would like to thank my faithful readers and followers who have been asking about the Blog and told me how much they were missing it. I am finally back guys. You are Amazing you gave me the strength and hope to focus and work on coming back.

See you around dear ones…..







img_1166……….Peace and Love……….

Stripes and Burgundy


If you have been following my posts, then you know by now how much I love spontaneous activities. Yesterday I had another spontaneous lunch date with one of my great friends. She is always inspiring me to go for my dreams. I started the day by dropping my Little One to the kindergarten, then went to pick up my other bestie from the Hospital. Afterwards I went back home to change my Clothes,do some touch up then went for the photoshoot before  heading to the city centre to meet my pal.

Since our lunch date was at Park Hyatt, I had to go for elegant outfit. I chose the Burgundy trousers to break the monotony and of black and white; as well as to pop in some colour (well yes I will admit that I really love colours they fit well to the sunny days and they brighten up the gloomy days)

Even though I had forgotten about the Vogue Fashion night, which took place at the same street,( Goldenes Quartier) the outfit did fit to it perfectly. I received complements about the outfit and some asked if they could take some photos.

Wishing you all a lovely Weekend ahead….

………Peace and Love………







© Katharina Schiffl

Photo credit to: Katharina Shiffl who also took our photos at the WIENERIN cover model finals 2016

© Katharina Schiffl

Sun Kissed


It had been long since I got out of the house… This particular day I actually had planned to  go to my doctor to get a different prescription and also to the Photo studio for just one Photo, which was needed for some great things, which will be coming up soon. I can’t wait to share with you guys, just waiting for the right time. Since I was still a bit weak and sick, I called a great friend of mine to pick me up and drive me around for the errands. It was such a hot day we later on went for a swim and as the yard is so beautiful and clean, I decided to do a quick photo-shoot there as well. It was fun, I am grateful to have such a reliable Friend I can count on….

Here are a few Photos, I love the dress as it is elegant and comfortable at the same time. Perfect for a Job Interview, Business Meeting  or any official event.

Oh by the way I changed the posting days to Monday and Thursday. Thanks for keeping it #Celrielle

………Peace and Love……….









Dress: Small local Boutique

Shoes: But S

The Underwater World


There are those things which I at times keep planning to do and then I just end up taking forever or sometimes never doing them as I totally forget. I have been living here for couple of years and in that time i have always wanted  visit the Big building here  called “Haus des metres” which if translated in English would be “House of the sea” It Finally came to pass a few days ago. It was a phenomenal experience, especially as I went with my daughter who doesn’t just give great company but also seems to love water and fish. On the roof top there is an amazing view of whole of Vienna, which is another breath taking thing.

As always here are a few Photos I took to share with you guys 🙂

………Peace and love………









Here are a few pics from the Rooftop, and of the cute Star fish in the aquarium inside the Building…