She’s Back

img_0227Hi guys, it’s been Ages…

Before I even ask how you all have been, I would like to apologise for being away for so long.There was so much going on, from travelling and exploring some places I have never been to before including Russia the worlds largest country, rearranging and reorganising the apartment and many other things. I had some posts already prepared for you guys but I never managed to post them as I also had problems with the laptop and after getting a new one, for some reasons I couldn’t log into my Blog. Anyway so is life right? Sometimes everything is perfect and some times we encounter challenges. What is important is not to give up but to keep going.

There is so much to share with you, especially from my travel experience and some other interesting places here in Vienna (One being actually where am writing this post from) It feels so good to be back after such a long time and its even more fun making this post by a fire place and as I enjoy the Beautiful view of Vienna 🙂

Oh for the beautiful ladies from the Vienna Fashion week 2016, I will still repost your photos. Your outfits were really stunning.


I would like to thank my faithful readers and followers who have been asking about the Blog and told me how much they were missing it. I am finally back guys. You are Amazing you gave me the strength and hope to focus and work on coming back.

See you around dear ones…..







img_1166……….Peace and Love……….

summer Love

fullsizerenderAs we sadly bid Summer goodbye, I want to share some of the cool places here in Vienna near the river and or with a swimming possibility.

First of all, I will start with the Schönbrunnerbad. It is located in the Vienna’s 13th District (Hietzing) which contains a large area of Vienna Woods and the Palace Schönbrunn. They Have 3 different Swimming areas. The place is very clean and gives you a feeling that you are at a Holiday destination.




Second place is the Donau island, there are so many things to do here, Swimming, Inline skating, grilling, biking, games for kids and many more. There are several Restaurants and cocktail Bars. There is also a section with Stands for drinks and beach chairs where you can lie, relax and sunbath.





Beautiful sunset at the Donau Island

Last and most favourite is the Hilton Danube waterfront Kitchen. This Place is Amazing, they have a very big Terrace, they have the bar Menu which you can choose from at any time and which is also quite affordable and the Restaurant Menu which is restricted for certain hours. You can also hire the bikes here and enjoy biking along the Danube. I wish it was the beginning of Summer so I can enjoy this place more as I just “discovered” it few days ago.