Stripes and Burgundy


If you have been following my posts, then you know by now how much I love spontaneous activities. Yesterday I had another spontaneous lunch date with one of my great friends. She is always inspiring me to go for my dreams. I started the day by dropping my Little One to the kindergarten, then went to pick up my other bestie from the Hospital. Afterwards I went back home to change my Clothes,do some touch up then went for the photoshoot before  heading to the city centre to meet my pal.

Since our lunch date was at Park Hyatt, I had to go for elegant outfit. I chose the Burgundy trousers to break the monotony and of black and white; as well as to pop in some colour (well yes I will admit that I really love colours they fit well to the sunny days and they brighten up the gloomy days)

Even though I had forgotten about the Vogue Fashion night, which took place at the same street,( Goldenes Quartier) the outfit did fit to it perfectly. I received complements about the outfit and some asked if they could take some photos.

Wishing you all a lovely Weekend ahead….

………Peace and Love………







© Katharina Schiffl

Photo credit to: Katharina Shiffl who also took our photos at the WIENERIN cover model finals 2016

© Katharina Schiffl



Today’s look is what I am still wearing right now as I write this post :-)On my to do list today was a coffee and Thai massage appointment with my best friend who is also behind most of my Awesome photos which you always see.

I opted to wear something casual and which would be easy to remove at the massage parlour. I love this ripped jeans as they have elastic waistband, which makes them super comfortable. I paired them with my official Butterfly blouse, which I have actually never worn since the day I bought it. To complete the outfit, I went for Flat Black Patent pointed Toe Shoes and a Black Blazer.

We came across this Beautiful store where they manufacture and sell Porcelain, it is such a lovely store, the setting gives you a feeling of being at home. They have Amazing Handmade utensils, We had our photo-shoot there, we were lucky that the photo-shoot was indoors as during the shooting, it poured down heavily. Well Autumn is definitely around the corner 🙂

I wish you guys a happy new week.

………Peace and Love………













Jeans: Calzedonia

Blouse: Pimkie

Shoes: Stiefelkönnig or Humanic ( I can’t remember)

Blazer: New yorker

Porcelain shop: Margaretenstrase 35

Black and White affair


Black is most of the time relegated to simplicity and White on the other hand to Elegance. The moment I saw this dress hanging I, I instantly fell in love with it. I quickly took it and paid for it without even trying it on, I felt that it was sewn just for me. 🙂

Having a dinner date and a night out with the girls and friends on Wednesday night I didn’t spend so much time like I always do when it comes to picking something to wear, well you know that feeling where you have something new and you have been dying to “show it off” I Prepared myself and then tried on the dress. It did fit perfectly, just as I had imagined me in it the moment I saw it in the shop. I was literally feeling myself more like an “African Queen”

The combination of elegance and simplicity is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G…

Happy New Month, make every second count, don’t let these days go to waste. Don’t let anyone make you negative or unhappy because as they say, “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life”


………Peace and Love………











Dress: Dings da boutique

Shoes: Local Boutique

Clutch Bag: Gift

Sun Kissed


It had been long since I got out of the house… This particular day I actually had planned to  go to my doctor to get a different prescription and also to the Photo studio for just one Photo, which was needed for some great things, which will be coming up soon. I can’t wait to share with you guys, just waiting for the right time. Since I was still a bit weak and sick, I called a great friend of mine to pick me up and drive me around for the errands. It was such a hot day we later on went for a swim and as the yard is so beautiful and clean, I decided to do a quick photo-shoot there as well. It was fun, I am grateful to have such a reliable Friend I can count on….

Here are a few Photos, I love the dress as it is elegant and comfortable at the same time. Perfect for a Job Interview, Business Meeting  or any official event.

Oh by the way I changed the posting days to Monday and Thursday. Thanks for keeping it #Celrielle

………Peace and Love……….









Dress: Small local Boutique

Shoes: But S



If you can’t go to Africa, bring Africa to you J every year in summer here in Austria they create a week of Africa festival. It is called the “Afrikatage”. I learned the secret from my friend that going the last day or a day before is better since the things are way cheaper then and or you can bargain more for better prices. Yesterday we decided to head to the festival and check it out. It ended up being hotter than I had imagined it would be. The top was a DIY by simply wrapping the Leso (African scarf) around. I then paired it with my high waist jeans and to compete the outfit, I went for my wedges. It was really fun though. I had a feeling of being home away from home. The food, the drumming and the atmosphere all added up to a real African community…

Here are a few photos from the Festival…Enjoy….

………Peace and Love………


Couldn’t leave without getting some goodies… my “assistant” helped me with the selection 😉


Search and you will find 🙂 settled for these two….


Simple wash and go on my natural hair.. Shrinkage is real 🙂


FullSizeRender 2

Less wrapped into a Top


FullSizeRender 3



A frappe to quench the thirst

Top: Leso (Gift from mama)

Jeans: New yorker

Wedges: Humanic

Bandana Waist


I am that kind of person who likes to try out new things always. Other than just following my own thoughts and ideas, I am constantly also on the look out from my surroundings for more inspiration on the things I like to do. Today is a bit chilly; it’s more of an autumn day than a summer day. Choosing my outfit today I couldn’t believe that I had to either go for layering or wear a warm pullover or Jacket. Well, so I decided to go for layering by wearing a basic white T-shirt underneath and then went for denim on denim. Most of the time when I wear this Jeans, I always do it with the Bandana as my belt. It’s something else I wanted to share with you guys.

I totally love the idea particularly as I have a tiny waist and it’s usually a major problem to find the right belt especially for high waist trousers. Another thing, which I like about this bandana belt, is that it brings in a pop of colour and in this case it also tones the blue down. To complete the outfit, I went for my Black leather biker jacket and matched it up with the black high heel leather ankle boots with stretch detail.

I wish you all a lovely weekend….

………Peace and Love………










Shoes: Stiefelkönig

Bag: Michael kors

Jacket: New Yorker

High waist: New Yorker

Denim Shirt: C&A

Earrings: Kenya (Nakuru Maasai market)



It’s so common to see maxi pleated skirts right now. It reminded me of this beautiful navy blue cosy mini pleated skirt I got as a gift from my dearest friend  (Eunice) The pleats gives the skirt such a stylish and elegant look. The skirt is also perfect as it suits all body types. I combined it with an off- the-shoulder top and my red pumps.

Have a new start into the week….

………peace and love………










Skirt: Gift

Top: Forever 21

Shoes: Buffalo

Bag: Lorena Polo

Earrings: Kenya Maasai market Nakuru

The Trend




Off-the-shoulder tops are an in thing now. The most common ones to see are white, black or with stripes. I have been wanting to get one but not unless it was something different than what you see on every corner. I stumbled upon this gorgeous floral one. It was love at first sight indeed. Best part was that it was on sale, there was no way I could have left without buying it.

Enjoy rocking your off-the shoulder tops…. Happy weekend everyone!

………peace and love………










FullSizeRender 2

Top: New yorker

Bag: Handmade story by Barbara Alli

Jeans: New yorker

Shoes: Goldstyle


Slay it on a budget



A lot of people think that for you to look good, you need to have a lot of money and buy only designer items. That is not true at all, it is one of the main reason I started this blog, to share with you my outfit ideas from local boutiques and chain stores which when I wear I always get a lot of compliments. You just need to choose something that suits your body type and then play with it by combining it with other different prints or colours for more unique attire. For me, normally shoes are what cost me a lot. Reason being my physician recommended me to always buy only genuine leather shoes. I still make some exceptions every now and then 🙂

I will be sharing with you today an outfit, which is elegant and which all together with the bag, it costs less then 100 Euro. Check it out and I hope this will inspire you to look good and keep your bank account smiling 🙂 Always remember it’s the way you rock the outfit that matters, your confidence is vital in completing the outfit.

Ps: the shorts are actually on sale now so if you would to own them, you better run 🙂

………Peace and love………



FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 5

Transform your necklace to a beautiful hair piece

FullSizeRender 2




FullSizeRender 6

Blouse; primark ( Around 7euro I don’t remember exactly got it long ago)

Shorts: New yorker ( 6,95 euro) Sale price.

Bag: primary ( 25 euro roughly)

Belt; local store ( 5 euro)

Shoes: Zara ( 50 euro) I wouldn’t recommend them though, for a day or short time they are okay but for a long time, it will be a disappointment. They are comfortable but they are easily scratched i plan to redesign the heel with fabric .





Sports bra street edition



I have been meaning to merge the Sports bra in my casual look for a while now. I finally managed to do it. We planned for an adventurous day with my family. Since we were going for a nature walk and it was a hot day, I wanted to wear something simple with breathable fabric. I went for the sports bra, boyfriend shorts and my running shoes. I then folded my blue scarf to make a Kimono out of it.

The combination was just perfect. I felt comfortable and I also didn’t sweat so much. I like it even more; as it’s also a unique look compared to the regular crop tops. I will be purchasing more sports bra, as this is definitely now my most favourite summer casual outfit. It is ideal especially on a very hot day since most sports bra are made from soft cotton blends thus they regulate your body temperature, you don’t end up getting too hot and sweaty.

It takes a lot of courage though to really rock this on the streets as unlike crop tops you have a lot of “flesh” showing but on the other hand if you are used to attention then this is not a big deal.

oooh this can’t go without saying: “Happy new month guys” may it start with zest to excel for you. May you be the star this time.

………with love………








DSC05010 (1)

And then i decided to celebrate my boldness, and test how fit I am…. 🙂

DSC05066 2


My coach and my cheerleader 🙂


Young,bold and freeeeee…….

Sports Bra: Sports Direct

Boyfriend shorts: Ernstings family

Running shoes: Intersport

Backpack: Sports Direct