Moisture Hacks

thumbnail_fullsizerenderWhat do you do when you buy those sweet smelling lotions but then you end up feeling like apart from the sweet scent, the moisturising effect is not so much and or its absolutely not there? You start wishing that if only it would give you that silk, soft skin then you would be even more satisfied with it. Well here are a few ways what to do to achieve the full moisture effect .

  • Mix the lotion with glycerine.
  • Mix the lotion with aloe vera gel.
  • Add olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil and or almond oil to the lotion.
  • Buy a moisturising lotion which you know works but smells milder and mix it up with the lotion.
  • Whip some Shea butter, mango butter and or Cocoa butter with the lotion.

You can choose any of the above ways or combine some of them.

You can either do this during the time you apply the lotion on your body or mix it up after you buy it to have it prepared which saves you time and extra work.

For kids, the petroleum Jelly is just perfect. If you want only natural products you can whip some Butters ( last bullet point) and add some vitamin E oil, coconut oil and aloe vera gel. Use essential oils for smell/fragrance.

At the moment, when am at home, I use the Palmers cocoa butter which is a real deal when it comes to hydration and moisture. I don’t add any extra ingredient to it. For travelling I have my Victoria’s secret (mango temptation)  mixed with glycerine and vitamin E oil.


If you have any other way/ idea on how you do the moisture hack, feel free to share it by commenting or send a p.m 🙂

………Peace and Love………



If you can’t go to Africa, bring Africa to you J every year in summer here in Austria they create a week of Africa festival. It is called the “Afrikatage”. I learned the secret from my friend that going the last day or a day before is better since the things are way cheaper then and or you can bargain more for better prices. Yesterday we decided to head to the festival and check it out. It ended up being hotter than I had imagined it would be. The top was a DIY by simply wrapping the Leso (African scarf) around. I then paired it with my high waist jeans and to compete the outfit, I went for my wedges. It was really fun though. I had a feeling of being home away from home. The food, the drumming and the atmosphere all added up to a real African community…

Here are a few photos from the Festival…Enjoy….

………Peace and Love………


Couldn’t leave without getting some goodies… my “assistant” helped me with the selection 😉


Search and you will find 🙂 settled for these two….


Simple wash and go on my natural hair.. Shrinkage is real 🙂


FullSizeRender 2

Less wrapped into a Top


FullSizeRender 3



A frappe to quench the thirst

Top: Leso (Gift from mama)

Jeans: New yorker

Wedges: Humanic

Facial toner DIY


Aloe vera juice, Coconut water, Acv and Rose water.

If you guys can remember, I mentioned in my intro post that I am a big fun of DIY (Do it yourself) so today I will be sharing one of my favourite DIY Idea on how I make my own facial toner. I used to get a lot of skin breakouts; I decided to change most of my products to natural/organic. I then incorporated the DIY Toner In my Regime and noticed a big positive difference. I have never bought a toner again since then.

A toners function is to complete the cleansing of your skin by removing dust, pollution and impurities that can still linger after washing with a cleanser. Most cleansers usually contain oil as part of the ingredients, which can leave a film on your face. It should be used in the morning and at night. In the night it works as a cleanser and in the morning to remove the sebum produced in the night and to balance the skin’s PH.

To make the toner, I always use coconut water, rose water, apple cider vinegar (ACV) or aloe vera juice as the main ingredient. Make sure the ingredients are 100% pure. I sometimes use just one of the above and or mix them up occasionally. In this DIY I will be using: Coconut water, Rose water, Aloe Vera juice, Honey and Vitamin E oil. Let’s get started!

Since my rose water is almost finished, I decided to use the same bottle for my DIY toner.


Rose water

I added the aloe vera juice and coconut water to the Rose water till the bottle was almost full. (The ratios depends on one’s preference)


rose water,and aloe vera juice

I then added a bit of Honey, I didn’t use so much since my Aloe vera juice has some honey in it. Using too much honey can make the mixture to feel sticky on your face.


Rose water, coconut water, aloe vera juice and honey. just a few drops of vit E oil and the toner is done

After adding the ingredients, I shook it to combine the ingredients. I added few drops of Vitamin E oil. Most of the time I don’t add the vitamin E oil, only if I make a lot of the toner since Vitamin E is a natural preservative. Vitamin E is how not recommended if you have very oily skin.


I put the toner on the cotton pad, then apply it on my face. I did on the hand to show you the outcome.


Beautiful silk finish on the skin after the Toner application.

Benefits of the Used Ingredients includes:


>It is a natural humectant, it draws moisture into the skin.

>It is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse and hydrate skin.

Aloe vera juice

>Contains Auxin and Gibberellins. the two hormones provide wound healing and reduces skin inflammation.

>Contains a plethora of antioxidants, including beta carotene, vitamin c and E which improves the skin’s natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.

Coconut water

>it is Enriched with anti oxidants and cytokinin which have age-defying properties.

>Lifts away deep seated dirt, make up and impurities from your face right away.

Vitamin E

Anti- Aging

Retains natural moisture and prevents water loss.

………with love………