My visit and Stay in Moscow was so much fun such that while being there for the first time, I planned for my second visit as well. The first time it was not so cold but one had to wear gloves and scarf still.

I stayed around the red square (a city plaza and the central square of Moscow) which made my stay even easier and convenient.

I was fascinated by how the Shopping malls so beautifully decorated are and thus serves not only as a tourist attraction but also as a photo location for those who do their wedding in winter times. It’s a perfect place to shop for those who love luxury stuff and ladies who like very High and sexy High heels.

The ladies there take time to groom and dress up well which reminded me of Kenya. When you dress up well and walk around with your highest Heels or wear your mini skirts/dresses you don’t feel out of place unlike in Vienna( where i am based)

The Food was incredible, I don’t remember getting a meal I didn’t like, not even once. Interesting fact is that most people just associate the country with Vodka but actually there are so many fresh tea blends to choose from also in the bars.
Walking around in winter you will find most people eating ice cream reason being that in winter you enjoy it more since you don’t have to worry about it melting and spilling.

The one thing which is not easy to cope with is the traffic jam, I remember one evening having to wait for a taxi for 30 min plus. The Traffic is so heavy such that there is an extra lane for Government officials and Diplomats only.

The most memorable and best experience, was during my second visit and as I was taking some photos around the red square, some people reached out and asked if they could take a few photos of/with me. Most fascinating was this old couple almost 80 years old, with their grand child. They lived in the countryside somewhere in Russia and apparently it was their first time ever to come to Moscow and also to ever meet an African. They were very pleased and so was I 🙂 we took a few pics with their cute old camera.

They were excited to go back and share the pics with the rest of their family members and the villagers. It reminded me of how excited we would be back in the days (when I was a kid ) when we saw someone of a different race (caucasian) and how we would run and be close to them, touch their skin and hair and just enjoy the magical/miraculous moment.

Public transport was way to complicated compared to Vienna… the train stations are very Beautiful though (way more Be-a-u-ti-ful than in Vienna) I loved Moscow, it’s a place I would visit over and over but not to live 🙂

Decided to try the mani in the shopping malls… It was okay, works for emergency or when one want a quick nail do.. But not really for a treat to yourself like at the spa…




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