Hallo there readers,

It’s been ages, I have had an awesome time traveling around the world. It has been a very exciting time rediscovering, reflecting and refining myself. A new era will be unraveling soon in my life in a couple of weeks but before that happens, I just wanted to share this Beautiful 2016 outfits from these lovely ladies at the Vienna fashion week and some of the precious 2016 moments which led to awakening a new world in my life.

Thanks to all who have been part of this experience and to the readers who have motivated me to come back. Stay connected there will be a series of new things soon on the blog.

Ps: make sure to connect on my Instagram page for more photos and also where you get to associate with me in live videos as well 🙂

Till soon……Peace and Love……..



Many Thanks to the lovely Ladies for letting me take the pics and use them. See you again this Year. XO





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