Sun Kissed


It had been long since I got out of the house… This particular day I actually had planned to  go to my doctor to get a different prescription and also to the Photo studio for just one Photo, which was needed for some great things, which will be coming up soon. I can’t wait to share with you guys, just waiting for the right time. Since I was still a bit weak and sick, I called a great friend of mine to pick me up and drive me around for the errands. It was such a hot day we later on went for a swim and as the yard is so beautiful and clean, I decided to do a quick photo-shoot there as well. It was fun, I am grateful to have such a reliable Friend I can count on….

Here are a few Photos, I love the dress as it is elegant and comfortable at the same time. Perfect for a Job Interview, Business Meeting  or any official event.

Oh by the way I changed the posting days to Monday and Thursday. Thanks for keeping it #Celrielle

………Peace and Love……….









Dress: Small local Boutique

Shoes: But S

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