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Fennel, Turkey breast and some cashews

There is a big difference when you become a doer than being a talker. I thought of how different my life was like when I was back in Africa as compared to here. I used to eat more vegetables and fruits and not too much meat and my health was better and my immune system even stronger. Thinking of both Grandparents who were still pretty strong physically to the point of their last breath (may their precious souls R.I.P) also made me decide to change my lifestyle.

It occurred to me that, especially since I started dining out more often than I would cook, I would end up ordering mostly meat (Red meat) all the time especially as I love Lamb meat so much. I was also the Kind of person who never took a thing for breakfast, well except for a glass of water (sometimes) I am currently on a 7 day no red meat challenge and I have become that person who takes a glass of Fresh pressed/squeezed Juice or smoothie. I started this when I had already fallen ill but I didn’t want to postpone because well it’s always either now or “never”

I also plan to increase my water intake, as that is one part I am still not so good at. Well today is my #Day3 and I got to tell you guys, it’s not so easy as now is when you go to Instagram and land on that picture of slow cooked Beef or oxtail. But I promise to stay disciplined.

Here are some of my red meat free Dishes which I like… Enjoy

P.S: If you would like a recipe of any any of the Dishes, feel free leave a comment or send m a message.

………Peace and Love………





pigeon peas


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