Sports bra street edition



I have been meaning to merge the Sports bra in my casual look for a while now. I finally managed to do it. We planned for an adventurous day with my family. Since we were going for a nature walk and it was a hot day, I wanted to wear something simple with breathable fabric. I went for the sports bra, boyfriend shorts and my running shoes. I then folded my blue scarf to make a Kimono out of it.

The combination was just perfect. I felt comfortable and I also didn’t sweat so much. I like it even more; as it’s also a unique look compared to the regular crop tops. I will be purchasing more sports bra, as this is definitely now my most favourite summer casual outfit. It is ideal especially on a very hot day since most sports bra are made from soft cotton blends thus they regulate your body temperature, you don’t end up getting too hot and sweaty.

It takes a lot of courage though to really rock this on the streets as unlike crop tops you have a lot of “flesh” showing but on the other hand if you are used to attention then this is not a big deal.

oooh this can’t go without saying: “Happy new month guys” may it start with zest to excel for you. May you be the star this time.

………with love………








DSC05010 (1)

And then i decided to celebrate my boldness, and test how fit I am…. 🙂

DSC05066 2


My coach and my cheerleader 🙂


Young,bold and freeeeee…….

Sports Bra: Sports Direct

Boyfriend shorts: Ernstings family

Running shoes: Intersport

Backpack: Sports Direct

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