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It just happens that some of the most unforgettable memories I have are related to the events, which happened spontaneously without spending so much time to plan them. The same happened a few days ago. A lady friend of mine bought a new Convertible the first thing she did was to call me she ask me if I wanted to go and cruise with her. Well who would say No to that especially if you have time? Not unless you are an enemy of progress 🙂



This time round, we did it spontaneously again. We have a mutual friend who lives in lower Austria roughly 1 hour drive away from Vienna. It is a beautiful mountainous region. We decided to drive all the way there. The journey took a bit longer than we expected thanks to all the summer construction work in Vienna and heavy traffic. It was also a pity that by the time we got there, it was no longer sunny. It was cloudy and we just arrived actually after it had just stopped raining. We still decided to have a good time anyway.

After arriving there, we did a quick photo shoot, since we couldn’t do with the beautiful scenery, we decided to do it with our Friends Bentleys. First was with the Bentley Arnage and then the Aston Martin DBS (same as the one which James Bond had in Casino Royale) We then switched from her car to the Bentley, we drove around with it then went ahead to grab some dinner, chill and relax. (I will post the video on my Facebook page).







FullSizeRender 2 copy 2

FullSizeRender copy



Beautiful scenery and landscape at the Guest house we went to for dinner




FullSizeRender 2

what had for Dinner: Pork with pasta in wild herbs

Later on we drove back to Vienna, full happy and tired. It was a phenomenal experience looking forward to do the same soon.

Are there ladies who also love sports car? If yes and you happen to in Vienna or around Vienna maybe next time we can cruise together 🙂


Jeans:New Yorker

Blouse:C&A or H&M (Kids section) 😛



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